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Gudrun Benjamin


From the start of her career, Gudrun has been passionate about social inclusion and equity. With qualifications in social pedagogies, facilitation, training and business management, she has worked for over 25 years in the social services field. Gudrun has operated in Europe, South East Asia and Australia. Gudrun has worked in service delivery, management, education, procurement and quality assurance across children, community, education, disability and aged care services. Gudrun’s focus of work in recent years has been developing the cultural competency and inclusive practices of people services.

Gudrun has been involved in the children's services sector in Australia since 2005 - initially as the manager of eight children's services programs (including three OSHC services). In 2007 she commenced the management of bicultural inclusion support services across the Northern Territory and Western Australia, promoting cultural competence and inclusive practices. In the four years of providing this service she has emerged as an engaging workshop facilitator, forum presenter and contributor to sector publications across Australia.

Gudrun has a proven track record of working across sectors and collaborating with individuals and organisations from established, new, emerging and aboriginal communities. This has given her a wide range of experiences and knowledge that she uses to inform her thinking. Additionally her longstanding understanding of pedagogy that has been the base for her professional practice for the past 30 years and is continuously used as a stimulation to inform her articles.


Jennifer Cartmel


Dr Jennifer Cartmel is a senior lecturer in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University. She has been involved in a wide range of research projects focussing on the field education experience for practitioners undertaking practicums in child care settings and human service organisations. Her research interests include the role of practicum in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and the many facets of outside school hours care services. Jennifer has presented at local, national and international conferences for school age care and is a regular contributor to national discussion and debate. Her doctoral thesis was titled “Outside School Hours Care and Schools”. Jennifer is the author of “My Time, Our Place”.



Kylie Brannelly


Kylie Brannelly is the Executive Officer of the Queensland Children’s Activities Network (QCAN) Inc which is the peak body for OSHC in Queensland. With a Masters in Education, Kylie has 20 years experience in early, special and middle childhood care and education as a carer, teacher and advisor. She is currently undertaking further research and study into school age care and is committed to ensuring that Australian school age care has a solid platform of research upon which to build future initiatives. Kylie has been an active member of NOSHSA and an OSHC delegate to the National Children’s Services Forum and a member of the steering group into the development of the school age care framework “ My Time, Our Place”.



Leanne Giardina


Leanne is currently the Children's Services Resource and Development Unit Service Provision Manager at Community Child Care Victoria who is the Professional Support Coordinator. Leanne has worked in the children service’s sector for over 15 years. Leanne’s background prior to joining CCC has been managing various Outside School Hours Care Services in both small and large settings. Leanne has also worked in federal government which provided her with the in-site of how OSHC services apply for funding and approval for operation. Leanne is also the Victorian NOSHSA representative.

Leanne’s passion for the Outside School Hours Care sector springs from what she sees as the wonderful and unique opportunities fit provides for children to build relationships and friendships with children across age groups in a recreational and care setting.



Robyn Monro Miller


After a 21 year career in Education and as a practitioner in School Age Care (OSHC) service provision, Robyn was appointed Executive Officer of the NSW peak OSHC Association Network of Community Activities in 2005. Robyn's experience in school age care provision runs across local government, parent incorporated committees, P & C sponsored services, and TAFE both as a practitioner, teacher, manager and as a parent user. With qualifications in primary education, management, training and workplace assessment and children's services she is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and seminars for practitioners and parents across Australia and internationally.

Robyn is a national and state spokesperson on children's issues in the media and a regular contributor to children’s services sector publications promoting the value of play and the importance of a child’s leisure time. An active member of the National Out of School Hours Services Association (NOSHSA), delegate to the National Children’s Services forum and a Regional Vice president of the International Play Association (IPA), Robyn has represented the School age care sector at a State and National level for the past 19 years serving on successive Ministerial Councils and Reference groups. In 2000, Robyn was awarded a NSW Children’s Week Award and a South Sydney Council Community Achievement Award for her work with the children and the award of an Australian Government Centenary Medal for services to Australian Child care in 2001. Robyn was a member of the Steering group for the development of the school age care framework “My Time, Our Place”.



Mandy Richardson


Mandy has been involved in the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) sector in South Australia for over twenty years. She has a degree in Primary Education and also Journalism but is a passionate advocate for the largely undiscovered potential which OSHC presents.

Mandy has been the director of St Pius X OSHC since 1991 and Executive officer of the OSHCSA Association. She has also worked as a project officer for the South Australia Department of Education and Children's Services, a NCAC Moderator, a private consultant and a trainer for the Gowrie Training Centre.

She is currently undertaking a Masters in Education through research, regarding developing children's emotional intelligence through Outside School Hours Care programs.

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